Measure activities, not outcomes. A lot of the outcomes are only achieved through a consistent, steady, and appropriate volume of activities.

~ Brandon Shultz, Transamerica Financial Advisor

We love to hear about people who have become successful “overnight” and often in business – when looking from the outside – someone will burst on the scene “overnight”. One month nobody knows about them, the next month, everybody is trying to buy from them. It’s like a vast field of crops getting ripe all at once. Results “overnight”.

The first principle of Silver Bullet Marketing is Re$ult$ Rule – but that doesn’t mean that results are all you keep your eye on.

The fifth principle, Track and Measure, is all about what you measure – and you start measuring activity, not results. 

How many post cards did you send out? How many Facebook postings did you make? How many face to face meetings did you schedule? How many phone calls did you make? How many things did you do in order to get a result.

What isn’t as clear is the days, months, years, of consistent, steady, appropriate activities that sowed and nurtured the seeds of success that bore fruit “overnight”.

Keep working on those activities that will bear fruit in time and you too, after a while, will be an “overnight” success.

Overnight $uccess

Years of Actions