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Don’t Underprice

Know your worth and never, again NEVER, give your talents away. Creative talents own amazing intellectual property, brain power. As a business owner, let the numbers speak for our success... Read More

Overnight $uccess

Measure activities, not outcomes. A lot of the outcomes are only achieved through a consistent, steady, and appropriate volume of activities. ~ Brandon Shultz, Transamerica Financial Advisor We love to hear about... Read More

Always Be Marketing

Never forget a client database is always changing. Never accept that it will stay static. Always keep prospecting for new clients to replace the old that are lost to age,... Read More

Owner: More Than A Job

Entrepreneurship isn’t a job someone shows up to do every day; it’s a lifestyle someone is born to live. – Joshua Kidd, #mystartuplife I’ve heard that a job is an acronym... Read More

Know Your Avatar

Use Video for all social media posts. The engagement of Video vs Pics is 60% more engagement utilizing video vs text or pictures. Pictures are 30% more engaged then Text. Key... Read More


As a business professional nothing has been as valuable as the power of focus & getting into flow states. ~ Jared Steele, Pombox Focus… You hear it over and over in the... Read More

Be The Only One

The #1 enemy of any business is obscurity. Mastermind Tip: Get out of obscurity ~ Michael Amore, Alpha Brand Marketing Agency How can I get out of obscurity without a million dollars of... Read More

Show How Much You Care

Business owners should gather all the business cards that they have obtained in the last 3 to 6 months.  Place them in a fishbowl or hat and draw one business... Read More